Reflections: How Petty are you?

Our brains love finding things to connect with. The chemistry associated with having a crush can wreak absolute havoc on our social lives. We tend to feed off of the euphoria of falling for someone, even though they could be terribly wrong for us. But what happens when that person does something to make that…

Self-Worth: Let the April fool go!

You just finished a long day at work and you’re exhausted. You come home to an empty house, make dinner, and relax. But there’s something missing. The old fling who used to rock your world. Make you sweat and breathe heavy. Put butterflies in your stomach at the mere thought of their existence. Maybe it’s…

Breakups: Heartbroken and Thankful

Dedicated to the letters we should have written to those who broke our hearts, made us cry for days, had us question our self worth. This letter is meant for those who spent too much time waiting on someone who wasted our time.

Relationship: Secrets of the “I miss you” text

The moment you knew that one person, was your person. The person you lose yourself in. They are yours and you are theirs. They flood all of your senses with a simple word. It’s absolute bliss. You’re obsessed with reading, listening, laughing, and touching them. They are everything and you can’t see past anything else….

Pregnancy: Stay out of my Uterus

Life moves fast and the older you get the quicker it seems to pass. One day you wake up and you’re 30 years old. Almost a decade ago you had a clear picture of what your life would be like. Married, with kids, loving spouse, a house in the suburbs with a large yard where…