We’re all different and there’s magic in that…

Our cultures, ethnicities, genders, sexualities make us that much more special. There’s vitality and power in those differences. But something important unites us— our undoubted connection to others and feeling. We can all connect by our experiences, our laughter, our recipes and frustrations.

I’m here to honour that. To honour the struggle, the celebration, the vibrant love for all things life.

I’m a 6 inch heel wearing, tattoo loving, piecing obsessed woman who loves to share life, recipes and create magic with organic skincare products (LuxuriaStudios.com)

This page is created as an outlet for authentic experiences, laughs, cries and genuine conversation. We are a community for love, peace and light.

Some stories are my own and others are from those around me that will remain anonymous.

My name is Jen. Welcome to Lotus & Love.