Reflections: How Petty are you?

Our brains love finding things to connect with. The chemistry associated with having a crush can wreak absolute havoc on our social lives. We tend to feed off of the euphoria of falling for someone, even though they could be terribly wrong for us.

But what happens when that person does something to make that feeling just instantly disappear? We’ve all been there. You’re head over heels for that guy because he glistens in the sun. His voice is deep, arms defined, words eloquent (at least that’s what you hear because the outside world probably doesn’t think he’s very bright) and he dresses well.

But wait, he might always wear a cap. Hmmm I wonder why? You might just think that it’s his style or favourite sentimental piece of clothing. The day finally comes where you’re going to kiss. You lean in, he grabs you, your heads touch and you accidentally knock his cap off his head slight… and there it is… HE’s BALDING!!! And not the sexy kind of bald but the receding hairline kind. End crush. Petty right?!

Bearded men have a certain masculine and rugged quality that drives women crazy. A well maintained beard can make him look like a god. He can do no wrong. Well except if he shaves it off one day without telling you and you see what lies underneath all that man hair. A toddler. You’re dating a toddler. NEXT!

There can’t be anything more special than kissing your crush. You spend hours daydreaming about it. The perfect outfit, location, the way you’ll tilt your head. Where he’ll touch you. Where you’ll touch him. The sparks that are sure to ignite and cause both of you to spiral into a wildfire of passion! That nerve wracking day comes and you’re too excited to contain yourself. You look deep into his eyes to connect. You scan down his face to take it all in and as you capture his mouth you notice that he has white crust in the corner of his lips! CRUSTIES OMG CRUSTIES! Walk away, We’re done here!!

It goes without a doubt that we love our significant others to the ends, but they absolutely get on our nerves. The way he may leave the kitchen cabinets open, the empty juice container in the fridge or give a half assed attempt to making up the bed. The way she might leave makeup everywhere or the hairs in at the shower stuck on the wall or track dirt inside of your freshly cleaned car (I do this one lol).  It makes you just want to leave a single lego on the floor beside the bed so they step on it. It may make you want to wet their bathroom towel just before they go for a shower so it’s nice and moist when they get out. It may even make you want to use all of the coffee in the morning and not leave them any (but place the empty bag on the counter so they see it).  It’s petty, I know, but it will make you feel that much better.

All in all, no one is perfect and we tend to reject people and get upset over the dumbest things. Are we truly looking for a soulmate despite their faults and flaws or do we constantly get so wrapped up in the petty bullshit?

While you ponder your life choices, have a smore. You’ll be thinking for awhile so why not enjoy some goodness in the process.


Chocolate chip cookies (see )


2 Hershey milk chocolate bars


1. Baked cookies (see recipe in Sweat Stains & Silence)

2. Turn on oven broiler to 500 degrees

3. Sandwich marshmallow and chocolate square between two cookies.

4. Broil for 2 minutes until marshmallow is melted.



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