Self-Worth: Let the April fool go!

You just finished a long day at work and you’re exhausted. You come home to an empty house, make dinner, and relax. But there’s something missing. The old fling who used to rock your world. Make you sweat and breathe heavy. Put butterflies in your stomach at the mere thought of their existence. Maybe it’s just loneliness perhaps.

The feeling of contacting your ex can be overwhelming at times. You start to remember all the good times you spent together. All the times they made you laugh. All the times they may have bought you things, taken you out, or did something overwhelmingly sweet for you.

You pick up your phone to look at their instagram page, snapchat or facebook. Cyber stalking is about to commence. But before you do… let’s talk.

Although it may seem comforting to think about the guy you once loved who made you smile, stroked your hair, helicopetered his penis to make you laugh.. think about the douchebag who may have cheated instead. The asshole who made you cry every night. The dumbass who told you that you weren’t good enough, who left you alone night after night while he was doing god knows what. Think about that until you hate him again.

Think about the girl who broke your heart. The girl who told you that you had nothing to worry about because that guy at work is “just a friend”. Think about how much it cost you to keep her happy when all she did was complain.

Feel better yet?

There are a ton of books and articles that will coach us about how to get over someone. But in all honesty, there’s only one way. Stop the bullshit and get off the pity train. They didn’t love you. If they did, they wouldn’t have hurt you. They didn’t care enough and you know it. So why keep thinking of someone who wasted your time? Life is short so don’t make your suffering long.

If life taught us anything it’s that we can’t waste time on people who don’t make time for us. Care for those who care for you. Who show you how much they mean to you. Who make efforts, even if it’s something incredibly small. Now, don’t get me wrong, no one on this planet is perfect and we all have our bullshit demons to bare (or play with in my case) but we have to have enough respect for our partners to show up for them. If someone isn’t showing up for you, toss them like hot garbage on a summer’s day.

Be kind to yourself because you deserve better.

Besides, the guy you keep thinking about hopefully rolled his ankle and the girl you think you lost is probably missing you now and crying because “that friend” isn’t helping. All is well with the world and you’re still standing.

Unfriend, unfollow and block the bastards. They aren’t worth your time anyway.

In the meantime, make yourself a drink and relax.

Cheers Beauties!


Fresh Mint Leaves – Crushed  (4-8)

1 tsp Honey, simple syrup

1 cup of fresh lime juice

2-3oz of White Rum

1/2 Ginger Ale or Club Soda

Ice Cubes

Lime wedge and 3 whole mint leaves for garnish


  1. Mix together and enjoy!

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