Self Reflection: Fuck giving a Fuck (a needed message)

This is not the typical horrifying dating story and random account of a life event. This piece is simply dedicated to the journey that I and most of us taking as a person, in a terrifying and crazy world. The content may sound crude but you’ll see why the title is written the way it is by the end… if you’re still reading, that is.

As a generation, we are consumed by images, statements, quotes, memes and ideals that being perfect and happy is the only way to live. If you aren’t happy about every little thing in your life, then something is wrong with you. You aren’t allowed to be sad or have anxiety. You aren’t allowed to fail at something, a job, a marriage, a relationship (with a douchebag who constantly treats you like crap but can’t manage to chew with his mouth closed). All must remain silent. An image must be portrayed that you are successful, rich (or well off), fit and dating some hot Instagram model with a six pack that has an unquenchable sex drive.

No wonder we are all fucked! I personally give a lot of fucks. Like constant, round the clock fucks about every little thing. Anxiety about what people may think, how I look, what I said to someone in the 6th grade. Guilt about feeling anxious or depressed. Guilt about feeling guilty and anxious. See where I’m going? No? Let’s break it down a bit further.

Ever go to the movie theatres or a show? You purchase your ticket and the cashier says “Enjoy the show” and you confidently say “You too!”. You too? WTF?? They aren’t going to see the movie. Why the hell did you just say that? Now you’re thinking about what a dumbass you are for the entire movie. You’re such a loser for saying that to the random person and they probably think you’re an idiot. Omg! Now you’re anxious about saying what you did. But now you’re guilty about feeling anxious because, who truly cares what you said. No one. Oh wait, you can’t stop feeling anxious and guilty and you’re in this horribly cycle… where’s wine?!

Welcome to life as we know it. We are bombarded with perfection. You must look a certain way to get a certain guy. You must have a Ferrari by the time you’re 30 because some snot nosed 17 year old rich kid just got one for his birthday. You must marry someone who is insta famous or a doctor or a lawyer. This must be done by the time you’re 24 with 2.5 kids in a 5 bedroom house with a helipad. Sound familiar? If it does, it’s because it’s nonsense. But we feed into it each and every day without realising what exactly it’s doing to us. Our Facebook feeds are filled with the glam (fake) lives of our 1200 closest “friends”. So damn you for having a bad day at work because becky just got engaged and John just got a promotion. What did you do today? You bought eggs.

We feed into giving out fucks for every little thing and that just makes our life experience worse. We worry about getting more money, or the job that pays $500K a year. We worry about getting the insta model with the six pack. We worry about getting our summer bodies. We worry so much that the tiniest things set us off and we end up miserable.

That insta model hardly exists, trust me. The money you earn now may not be enough but it is enough. You’re making it aren’t you… hell, you have a computer or phone to be reading this damn article, so I’m thinking you’re okay. You don’t need to be married by 24 with 2.5 kids and a mansion with a helipad. Do you know how much helicopters cost? Relax!

I’m not saying to not care about things or to have the determination and drive to achieve goals. If you want the Ferrari, then damn it, buy the Ferrari! But we do need to stop comparing ourselves to this ideal of perfection that we’ve created in our own minds. Stop dishing out fucks like they’re unlimited.

Life is short and the amount of time and effort we give to meaningless things now, the more harm we cause ourselves in the end. Depression, anxiety, guilt and fear stem from this vicious cycle of not being good enough. Not having enough. Letting others dictate how we feel about ourselves and a plethora of other things that happen in the Shit-Show we call life.

So sit back, pour yourself a glass of wine or whiskey or whatever it is you drink and Fuck giving a Fuck,  for just a moment.



  1. Whatever you want to drink.. I drink wine.

Method to the Madness:

  1. Drink it!

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