Welcome: A Girl like me

“New phone (who is this?). Brand new, like the whip. Rack it up, no assist. Main bitch I ain’t average. Wake up, need a zip.
Hennessy take a sip. I got my jeans, I’m too thick. I ain’t got the room for extra baggage” – Jasmine Sullivan (Pick up your Feelings)

Welcome to my mind. If you sang out that song, then you are in for a treat with this brand new blog series.

We’ve all been that person who puts up with just enough, is pleasant, compassionate, selfless and caring. But there comes a day when enough is just enough. Because no one will understand what you struggle with (big or small). No one will understand how much you give to others, even when you feel like you’re about to break. Sometimes you just have to scream because your kids drive you insane, you coworkers get on your last nerve, your family keeps calling for favours or your husband left the cupboard open AGAIN! Or sometimes you need a cry because you had a bad day at work with the biggest jackass on the planet.

Perhaps you need to feel like you’re not alone in your journey of self discovery.

Life isn’t easy but it can be a lot of fun and you deserve to enjoy every minute of it. Crying, laughing, screaming or even sitting silently. We’ll go through life together, one recipe, one breakup, one freak out, one celebration at a time.

Welcome to Lotus and Love. Grab a drink and sit back to enjoy the ride we call life with a girl like me.

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